Board of Directors


We are dedicated to provide you the best service

Jobeda Khatun


In the contemporary world everything is changing very rapidly. When it comes to the fashion industry, this statement is more than true.

Every day the fashion world is getting new dimension and illustrating a new look of human beauty. To run with this new dimension of fashion world, Alwan Fashion Limited (AFL) is always committed to its buyers. When some other suppliers are only focusing the maximum profit, AFL is concentrating on the supply of high-quality products with minimum profit. That thing makes AFL distinguished from the others. I highly appreciate your patience to visit our website and read our messages. Have a unique experience with Alwan Fashion Limited.
Your dress resembles your personality, so be careful when you choose your dress

Md. Junaed

Managing Director

As a managing director of Alwan Fashion Limited (AFL) I always try to satisfy the buyers by providing them with the best quality products without any compromise.

Having an academic as well as pragmatic knowledge in garment merchandizing, I enjoy to lead my merchandizers in an orderly manner to collect the best trims and accessories. AFL dreams not only to profit from their garment business but also to glorify Bangladesh by exporting optimum quality of products that carries the tag “Made in Bangladesh”. Thanks a lot for vising our website. Please stay with AFL.

The comfort of your garments depends on the materials they are made of

Md. Ruhullah Sakib

Representative in UK

Welcome to Alwan Fashion Limited! I am very proud to be a part of AFL. Since I have been appointed as a deputy director, I have been happily playing a crucial role for the company to get access into the European Market and to enhance its service to optimal level.

We are always prepared to respond to any kind of query from any buyer regarding our garment products. We are capable of supplying any kind of ready-made garment according to the requirements of the buyers. We always value our partners and give priority to them by providing with high quality products within the time limit and reasonable price. We always keep our words accordingly and are committed to supply you the best product by our efficient merchandisers. Thank you very much for visiting our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have further queries.

Expensive dress is expensive not only for its brand, it is expensive for its quality as well