Sampling Policy

Sampling Policy

Alwan Fashion Limited sends different kinds of samples to the buyers prior to the placement of final orders. We always ensure the requirements of the buyer while execute an order. We do not proceed further step until the sample is accepted and approved by the buyer. Typically, we deliver 3 kinds of samples for any order. They are:

1. Development Sample (Prior to the confirmation of the order)
2. PP or Pre-production Sample (After the confirmation of the order and prior to the bulk production)
3. Final Sample/Top Sample (After the bulk production and prior to the shipment)

We have certain sampling policy in accordance with the types of the buyers:

Old Buyers: Generally, we send all sorts of samples to the old buyers according to their requirements. In that case, we do not impose any charge for the samples. For a long-term business relation, we offer them this advantage.

New Buyers: In case of new buyers, we impose charge only for the Development samples and for their shipment. But all other kinds of samples are totally free for new buyers. It is crucial to mention that making profit from the Development Samples is not our business policy. We only take making charge and shipping charge. When the buyer approves our Development Sample and places certain order to us, we subtract the amount (The previous cost of Development Sample that is taken from the buyer) from the entire cost of the order.